Following a successful career as a location scout and manager for film and TV companies, Jerry Jaffe began working in real estate in 2001. His eye for detail, space and light and his skills as a researcher and fierce negotiator on behalf of his clients have served him well as he helps buyers, sellers and investors find what they’re looking for in today’s challenging real estate market.

Since coming to Los Angeles nearly 30 years ago, Jerry has been fascinated by the city’s history, neighborhoods and architecture. One of his passions is to help make the city a more pedestrian-friendly and livable place and he works with a community group that advocates for street improvements and other elements that further this goal.
In addition to his full-time real estate career, Jerry also finds time to serve as a elementary school tutor and has also been a mentor with Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles and a buddy for Friends of the Elderly. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Northwestern University.
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Jerry is awesome. Simply put. We sold our home in Venice August 2013 after finding Jerry through a friend. We are so glad we did because not only is he a very talented agent, he's one of the most personable, down to earth, and easy going guys we've meant...let alone in the real estate world. And still to this day, nine months later, I can call him for advice and he's just as wonderful as he always is. Our first impression when we had him over to interview...Jerry was so calm, respectful, and passionate about our potential sell of the house. He walked around and instantly saw the points we needed to focus on. Whether it was minor tweaks to pop curb appeal, quick decorating choices, or even thoughts about ways to stage and prep the house for public walk-thrus, we followed nearly all his advice and am so glad we did. And, for the tips we didn't follow, no big deal. Jerry understood our reasoning and rolled with it. So that's my point. I've worked with many agents who seem amazing and all that, but usually it's a facade. We never felt that way with Jerry and he fit perfectly into our family, which by the way meant he had to also deal with our crazy crying toddler and infant, and barky bark dog. Poor guy. A few more high points. We needed a bit more landscaping in our front yard. Jerry had a guy come overnight and do the plantings. Bam! Instant curb appeal. We needed a few more accents inside our house and BAM, Jerry rolls in one night around 10pm (called first, of course) with large sacks full of couch pillows, decorations, coffee table books, etc. And best of all, on the first day of our open house, the neighbor blows up a bounce house and starts bumping the bass for some family get together they also had planned. We literally thought the day was over...and then it started to rain. We were confident it was a disaster now. I remember calling Jerry the morning of in such a panic and full of despair and what did he say? "It's fine, we'll roll with it. Your house is beautiful and people we see right past the party and weather. I'll be there in full force. Just relax and enjoy your day." We did. Within just a few days, we had 7 offers, with 6 AT or ABOVE asking. We were in escrow a few days later. Jerry was great and anyone looking for an agent who knows Venice and it's surrounds, give this guy a call. And if he just isn't the right fit, no big deal. He'll still be excited he met you. Good luck! ~ Joseph Smith
I have known Jerry for more than 12 years, and used him on 3 real estate transactions in the last 3 years. Unlike the 'corporate' agents that dominate the neighborhood with their huge advertising budget, high overhead and inferior service, Jerry provides a level of knowledge and professionalism that exceeds the competition. He is smart, capable, and was able to handle the transactions with expertise. Whether buying or selling (I have done both with Jerry), I strongly recommend him. ~ Joe Clark
I am pleased to provide the strongest possible recommendation for Jerry Jaffe. Jerry worked closely with my family and me on several deals over the past 5 years. For the purchase and subsequent sale of our house, Jerry performed very effective strategic planning. When we bought the house, we made an offer right when the house came on the market, and we demanded a response before the first open house. When we sold the house--because the market had softened--we did marketing and staging that proved very effective. We held weekly open houses. We kept the house very clean and tidy (in spite of our having two small children), and we staged outdoor areas with borrowed furniture and potted plants. On both the purchase and sale, Jerry did a fantastic job. With his attention to detail, market knowledge, creativity and sensitivity, Jerry is a wonderful agent, and I would not hesitate to hire him again. ~ Daniel Herman
I have known Jerry Jaffe since we became neighbors in June 2001. We have remained friends, and he has acted as the real estate agent for my husband and myself in three property transactions. I’m happy to commend Jerry to you, and to write of his professional abilities as I have observed them in his work for us, and for other clients. We asked Jerry to be the listing agent for our house on a quiet walk street near Venice Beach, which we had remodeled from an unappealing bungalow to a large contemporary home. At that time we were new to the market, and Jerry guided us through the complex process of readying a property for sale, while diligently marketing the home and finding a buyer. Our next project was a small traditional Venice cottage, which Jerry secured for us. After intensive planning, rebuilding, and finishing, we listed it with Jerry in 2008. It was designed and built to achieve LEED Platinum rating, which made it both an attractive and a challenging sale. Jerry devised a marketing campaign that showcased the home’s advantages, and he ably worked with buyers’ agents and their clients to explain its intricacies. The owner is very happy in his new home, and we were delighted that Jerry had created a successful match. Throughout my professional relationship with Jerry, I have found his work ethic to be consistent and commendable, and he has an enthusiastic, can-do attitude. His attention to detail is meticulous, and he has a knack for making transaction processes easy to understand. He’s always approachable, and highly diplomatic in his interactions with differing personalities. His values center on finding clients the best solution, whatever their needs and aspirations. For Jerry, each listing is unique and his creative outlook means he is often able to visualize attributes of a home that its owners may have overlooked. Equally important is his ability to empathize with clients, and to interpret potential buyers’ responses to a home, thus helping its sellers achieve a favorable result. As a person, Jerry has a magnanimous demeanor that can be rare in our city. He’s a very busy agent, yet volunteers his time to tutor at a local elementary school, and is active in Venice community matters. He supports non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity and the Friends of the L.A. River, and has adopted two homeless dogs. He reads widely, and is knowledgeable of local history and the development of Los Angeles. Jerry’s many interests add much to his professional effectiveness, making him more than just a real estate agent – he’s an informed and genuinely caring person, and I have no hesitation in recommending him to you. ~ Sian Eddington
Jerry helped us sell our first home in Mar Vista. We were originally planning on using the most well known agent in the area, but when we met Jerry we were completely impressed by his knowledge of the market, and his very communicative approach to our situation. He analyzed our house and recommended a thorough list of options for us to improve the presentation of our house. Then he guided us through the upgrades and helped us make cost effective improvements before we put it on the market. His marketing was awesome: over 100 people signed in at our open house, we had 7 offers in 2 days and were under contract in a week. At a price higher than we had imagined! I always recommend Jerry to any friends buying or selling homes. Currently Jerry is representing us as we shop for income property in Los Angeles. His knowledge and counsel have been invaluable, and we trust him to guide us to a solid investment. ~ Dino Parks
Jerry is an amazing realtor. He is really knowledgeable about neighborhoods and takes care to make the right fit for you. Jerry sold me my first house, which was a foreclosure, and helped me successfully close on the house in record time. Years later, when it was time to sell it, he sold it within the first two weeks. Jerry made sure i knew what to do to maximize the house's presence in the current market. I had three offers by the evening of the first open house! Recently, Jerry helped me find and purchase my new home, which I love! It was a complicated probate sale, and without him, it just wouldn't have happened. I highly recommend Jerry Jaffe. He is knowledgeable, insightful, and hard-working. Having him on your side is the best asset you can have when buying or selling. ~ Elsa
Jerry gets five stars all around. Because of him, my fiancee and I found our dream house in a highly coveted neighborhood. He was always quick to respond and deeply knowledgable. He's honest and respected in his professional community which goes a long way when you are his client. ~ Jennifer
Jerry recently sold my house in Venice. I highly recommend him as an excellent broker for a number of reasons. First, he is really interested in knowing everything about the property. In my case he met with the architect in order to understand its design. This is a level of involvement above and beyond other brokers with whom I have dealt. It indicated to me his extreme care with clients and properties. Second, he is a very pleasant person to deal with, understanding, good humored but also highly committed and motivated. Its a good combination. Third, he is detail-oriented. Little escapes him. In other words, you can relax that you are in good hands. Fourth, he brings a wealth of quality experience to every transaction. I recommend him highly. ~ Ed R
Jerry sold our house in ONE weekend. He did a single showing and we received multiple offers over asking. Was it because our house was special in some way? No! There were two other houses in the same neighborhood with the same starting price point which had BOTH been on the market for 2+ months. I believe we sold as fast as we did entirely because of how Jerry managed the process. We followed every piece of his advice in preparing the house (repairs, modest improvements, and staging.) We followed his advice on pricing. We followed his advice on negotiating. Ultimately Jerry is an expert in a field where few true experts exist. He is like an FBI buyer profiler who keenly understands what the market is looking for and tailors your home to match. Further, Jerry personally manages all the contractors landscapers, and stagers. We basically gave him the keys and ratified decisions, but he did ALL the work. I can't imagine how the process could have been easier. Jerry gets my strongest possible recommendation ~ Ian
"Jerry was the agent that got me into my current home. He quickly dialed into my needs and aesthetic to present options that fit, saving much time and effort. This in turn, provided me with a good overview of my options in an area with which I was unfamiliar. He didn't shy away from pointing out negative aspects of any given property that I might have failed to notice, such as the proximity to busy streets, etc. He's a sharp negotiator, suggesting that I increase my offer, (thoughI was reluctant to do so because of obvious deferred maintenance.) Following his advice made the seller more seriously consider my offer. He was meticulous regarding the house inspection, brining in professionals from several trades in addition to a general inspection; this in turn allowed us to knowledgeably negotiate with the seller, resulting in some concessions and credits. Carefully worded contract terms allowed me to recover much of the money of my increased purchase offer. Beyond all that, I very much appreciated his humor and demeanor. He was always calm, even when the inevitable glitch occurred, while he explained the situation, its relative urgency and recommendations for resolution." ~ Daniel
"Jerry is fantastic ! He's an experienced dealmaker, well connected within the Venice/Santa Monica/Mar Vista community and a great listener. He's also very patient. He helped us find our dream house in Santa Monica-- which wasn't easy. We put offers on several houses and Jerry got us in the mix each time. On the first house we weren't willing to meet the sellers counter offer, but the next house was far and away the best match for us. We never expected that we'd get it (with the market being so competitive), but we got it with only one counter offer. And Jerry was able to get our offer accepted before the first public open house. I'm positive that Jerry's connections in the area and his professional yet easy going manner are what kept us in the conversation for the houses we were interested in & ultimately got us the house we really wanted. I highly recommend him" ~ Elle Jaye
"Jerry Jaffe helped us buy our first house in Venice. We fell in the love with the property the day we saw it and Jerry helped us put an offer in that same day. There were 7 other offers on the house and we thought we would never get it. Jerry was masterful in negotiations with the realtors representing the seller and a week later we were first time home owners. I will never forget the day he called us to tell us the house was ours. Since selling us our house, Jerry has helped us with contractors, architects, mortgage brokers, landscapers, neighborhood advice, the list goes on and on. He goes beyond being a realtor. I wouldn't hire anyone else but Jerry, he's the real deal." ~ Erin